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Monthly Leasing and Finance Index (MLFI-25)

This monthly index reports economic activity from 25 companies representing a cross section of the equipment finance sector.

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Each month the data reveal New Business Volume, Aging of Receivables, Average Losses, Credit Approval Ratios and Total Number of Employees.

Survey of Equipment Finance Activity (SEFA)

The SEFA is the largest source of statistical information available on the nearly $1 trillion equipment finance industry, based on a survey of 100+ equipment finance companies.

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Search data by volume size, organization type, market segment and business model:

What's Hot, What's Not? Equipment Market Forecast 2021

What are the hottest equipment markets? This report reveals industry perceptions of 15 equipment markets based on a survey of 100 ELFA members.

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  • Construction, medical, trucks/trailers and Hi-tech/Computers were the top sectors.
  • Some sectors fell in popularity and others rose, most likely due to the effects of COVID.

2021 Equipment Leasing & Finance Compensation Survey

This survey from ELFA and McLagan measures compensation rates as reported by more than 75 equipment finance companies representing a cross section of the sector. Access data for more than 90 executive, front-office and support positions.

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  • Compensation in the equipment finance industry was relatively flat in 2020.
  • At the Executive level, cash bonuses for the 2020 performance year accounted for 38% of Executive compensation while long-term awards accounted for 18%.

2021 Small & Medium Enterprise Compensation Survey

This report from ELFA and Vault Consulting covers 19 specialized revenue and support positions at bank, captive and independent leasing companies.

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  • The 5 highest paid positions, based on average total compensation, were CEO/President, Head of Sales, CFO, Senior Sales Representative and Manager of Asset Management Remarketing.
  • A bonus / commission was reported for 75% of the submitted employees.

Business Technology Performance Index

The 2020/2021 Business Technology Performance Index from ELFA and Capgemini provides insight into the technology initiatives that equipment finance companies are undertaking to drive their firms into new markets, new opportunities and more efficient operations.

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  • Organizations are embracing “Connected Equipment Finance.”
  • "Traditional” equipment finance organizations will need to become “inventive” organizations.
  • Top three IT initiatives planned: Back-end system replacement, front-end system replacement, and process efficiency improvement.

Credit Manager Survey

What is the state of credit and collections in the equipment finance industry? This survey is based on feedback from ELFA credit, collections and executive management leaders.

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Credit Managers Survey
The survey covers credit process, credit scoring, turnaround times, policy changes, regulations, deferrals and modifications, application thresholds, unfavorable industries and the more.

Collection Managers Survey

What is the state of collections in the equipment finance industry? This survey is based on feedback from ELFA credit, collections and executive management leaders.

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Collection Managers Survey
The survey tracks delinquency trends, productivity measures, new technology trends and implementation, loss performance and trends and more.

State Tax Manual

This reference guide from ELFA and Vertex provides state-by-state analysis of sales and property taxes that impact the equipment finance sector.

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State Law Compendium Map
Search the interactive map to view a listing of tax items associated with each state/district.

State Law Compendium

The 50-state guide highlights unique legal issues you need to be aware of when doing business in each state.

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Search by state or legal issue to view selected statutes and regulations for various commercial jurisdictions.