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Navigating the Digital Frontier: ELFA Innovation Roundtable Takeaways
Explore key insights from the February ELFA Innovation Roundtable as industry leaders discuss navigating the digital frontier in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

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Watch this video on cyber attacks, featuring Ops & Tech Conference speaker Howard Shiebler or read a transcript of the interview here:

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  • Going Digital: Current Activities and Future Expectations

    Going Digital summarizes the impact of digital lending on the expectations of a growing number of end customers: “Better, Faster, Cheaper.”

  • Robots, Cobots, and Finance

    In its role of fostering future-focused research and analyses, the Foundation examined the attendant factors of autonomous vehicles and determined that, while significant, autonomous vehicles represent a subset of a far more pervasive industry – robotics.


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Innovation Advisory Council

ELFA's Innovation Advisory Council, a seasoned group of senior innovation leaders, has been at the forefront of steering industry innovation discussions since its inception as an experimental working group in January 2019. Over the years, this council has actively monitored and dissected various digital strategies and cutting-edge techniques. Their insights have been disseminated through ELFA's webinars, facilitated discussions, conference sessions, social media posts, articles, and research, significantly aiding organizations in enhancing customer service and operational efficiencies. Their contributions extend further as they've hosted ELFA’s quarterly series of virtual Innovation Roundtables, spotlighting diverse industry representation and fostering discussions on technology, innovation, and future-focused topics. In 2023, ELFA transitioned this influential group into the formalized "Innovation Advisory Council," further solidifying their commitment to catalyzing industry-level innovation for years to come. See who's on the Council.

  • Vision: Inspire new thinking about technology and innovation among equipment finance industry leaders;
  • Mission: Foster avenues for exploring the current and potential application of innovative technologies and practices within the industry.
  • Innovation Roundtables: The Innovation Roundtables are designed for all equipment finance professionals, from emerging talent to seasoned leaders.  If you're interested in accessing cutting-edge knowledge, engaging diverse voices in the industry innovation discussion, and building your action plan for the future, these events are for you! Learn more on the ELFA Events page.