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Resources on a range of human resource matters, from organizational leadership, to training and development, to the next generation.
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ELFA Career Center

Helps equipment finance companies locate the best-qualified candidates, while also offering job seekers a venue to find relevant job listings and share their resumes with employers.

Monthly Leasing and Finance Index - Includes data on trends in headcount at equipment finance companies.
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Guest Lecture Program
Increase awareness of equipment finance and attract new talent to the industry.

Internship Center
A platform for students and organizations to find each other and make connections.

Scholarship Program
Scholarships are offered for students interested in pursuing a career in equipment finance.


  • Independents: Banking on the Non-Banks

    What is the domain of independent financing companies? How do independents create value and differentiate themselves from often much larger and lower rate competitors? This new study addresses these and other questions.

  • Leadership - The Next Productivity Frontier

    This study measures current industry practices associated with leadership and professional development, which are most likely to result in improved organizational performance.


Relevant Resources:

Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit
This toolkit from the ELFA Equality Steering Committee is designed to support member companies in their journey toward fostering a diverse and inclusive culture within their organizations.
Human Capital Committee - A member and staff resource on a wide range of human resource matters.
Women's Council - Works to increase the engagement and representation of women in the association and the industry.
Principles of Equipment Leasing and Finance Workshop - Provides the preparation that helps your best people succeed faster
Emerging Talent Advisory Council - Works on encouraging industry employees to get involved in ELFA early in their careers and attracting the best and brightest to the industry.
Equality Committee - Works to encourage diversity and inclusion among association leadership groups, committees, conferences and other association activities and initiatives.
Awards - Nominate an ELFA member for an award.