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Become a part of the growing equipment finance industry by joining the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA). ELFA represents more than 575 member companies including many of the nation's largest financial services companies, small and medium independent finance companies, and small and regional community banks that are diversifying and growing their portfolios through equipment leasing and finance.

Why Join ELFA?


ELFA Membership puts you ahead of the competition and helps you operate your business profitably. The benefits for community banks include:

  • Saving 50% or more on regular membership dues. Pay only $1,500 for your 2024 membership. This is a limited-time offer.
  • Cultivating new relationships with fellow bankers and equipment leasing and finance companies.
  • Participating in business development and networking events at discounted rates. View ELFA's Events.
  • Learning how the industry works and how it can benefit your bank through in-person and online education.
  • Enjoying free access to ELFA Information Central, our help desk for business and industry information, market research and statistics.
  • Receiving free publications such as Equipment Leasing & Finance, the only magazine designed specifically for the equipment finance executive.
  • Participating in and receiving free copies of industry surveys like the Survey of Equipment Finance Activity, the most important source of statistical information available on the industry.
  • Accessing the ELFA online Member Directory

Why Offer Equipment Leasing and Financing?

According to the report "Community Banks and Equipment Finance: What It Takes To Be a Success" from the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, equipment leasing and financing products enhance a community bank's value and its ability to engage small and medium size businesses. The benefits of leasing and financing include:

  • Prospecting and developing new business clients.
  • Strengthening business relationships and community involvement.
  • Diversifying your portfolio and expanding into new markets.
  • Maintaining a consistent, low-risk, profitable revenue stream.
  • Taking advantage of stable earning assets with low delinquency rates and a low-cost method of loan origination.

Meeting your customers' leasing needs with the knowledge and expertise from ELFA will help to ensure they won't go elsewhere for financing.

How Can a Community Bank Benefit From Membership in ELFA?

As a community bank in the leasing industry, we often don’t have access to the resources that larger banks do. The ELFA provides us with that access that is focused on the industry and can be utilized in an efficient manner. Their resources are abundant for virtually any issue that confronts us. In addition, membership in the ELFA similarly allows us to network with all players in the industry, large or small. This access allows us to compete effectively without devoting large resources. As a community bank with business in the leasing industry, membership in the ELFA is a necessity, not an option.
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin
Senior Vice President - Head of Leasing
Republic Bank of Chicago
Being a member of ELFA has been a tremendous benefit for our firm. Through ELFA’s variety of events we have been able to build our brand and most importantly network with our peers. We participate in association conferences and committees to create and grow relationships with our industry colleagues and to stay on top of the latest issues affecting equipment finance.
Kris Foster
Kris Foster
President of Equipment Finance & Specialty Industries
Pinnacle Financial Partners

Become a Member

To join ELFA today, submit the Community Bank Membership Application and save on the first year of membership dues. To learn more about this limited-time offer, please contact:

Andrea Tzamaras
Director, Membership

Julie Benson
Vice President, Membership Marketing