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Information regarding pertinent legal matters and their impact on the equipment finance business.
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  • Notifications of Lease Assignments:
    Lease Buyers Beware!

    This article highlights some of the key elements and considerations when giving notice of a lease assignment to a lessee or if you are responding to a lessee’s request to provide reasonable proof of such assignment.

  • Legal Resources for You

    The ELFA Knowledge Hub provides a wide range of information regarding legal matters and their impact on the equipment finance business. 

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Resources by State


State Tax Manual

Designed to aid equipment finance companies in tax compliance and planning. Provides state-by-state analysis of sales and property taxes.


State Law Compendium

50-state guide to  compliance with selected state statutes and regulations

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  • Securitization: A Renaissance for Equipment Finance?

    This report is the latest industry focused report from the Foundation. The report reviews current environment and analyzes the future of securitizations.

  • Digital Documents

    This Study quantifies the extent to which the equipment leasing industry is now engaged in Electronic Lease Transactions, and the challenges that have been addressed in the process.


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