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Lease Accounting Tools for Lessors and Lessees

The Financial Accounting Standards Board released a new lease accounting standard on February 25, 2016. This page contains resources and information to help you prepare for the new rules.

The new standard is scheduled to take effect for financial periods starting after December 15, 2018 for public companies and after December 15, 2019 for private companies. For companies with calendar year ends that means 2019 for public companies and 2020 for private companies.

Please note: ELFA members are welcome to share the following documents with your staff, vendor partners, end-users and other stakeholders. If you reproduce this material, please credit ELFA as follows: “This information is brought to you by COMPANY NAME and the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association.”

Tools to Prepare:

  • Submit Your Lease Accounting Questions
  • To help you prepare for the new lease accounting standard, ASC 842, ELFA’s Financial Accounting Committee has created a Lease Accounting Resource Group (LARG) comprised of key industry lease accounting experts. The goal of the LARG is to solicit or identify technical accounting questions and issues related to the implementation of ASC 842 and provide ELFA members with opinions and guidance to consider in your implementation. Learn more and submit your questions or concerns.
  • November 2017 Update
  • At a November meeting, the FASB agreed to incorporate two amendments to help ease the burden of adoption and implementation of the new lease accounting standard (Topic 842). Learn more.

Tools for Lessees:


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