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Making the Right Investments for Your Business

May/June 2019

The old adage “You get what you give”
is one that translates well in the business setting, and when I think of giving in the business setting, I think of investing. There are several ways to invest in a business. We consider the first step to be investing in your people, but investing in your brand is also important, as well as investing in new technologies and the streamlining of processes for customers and employees. Any investment made in a company should pay for itself over time, but the considerations below are investments we have made here at Marlin during the last few years to improve our customer support, elevate our brand and positively impact our employees.

Building Relationships

Cultivating strong relationships is no small task in any environment, but doing so within a business setting can pose an even bigger challenge that requires time and effort.

For more than 20 years, Marlin has provided equipment financing to small businesses through a broad range of partnerships with thousands of equipment dealers, manufacturers and resellers nationwide who have helped create a referral process with us as their customers require financing at the point of sale. Our vendor model is unique because it not only presents us with highly qualified leads, but we’re able to leverage those leads and the initial cost of customer acquisition across multiple transactions. This allows us to acquire new customers cost effectively while also building valuable long-term relationships with those customers.


Over the last few years, Marlin has experienced a significant strategic transformation to accelerate its growth. Through this transformation, the company—which historically served primarily as a provider of equipment financing products through equipment dealers—has become a broader provider of credit products and services to small businesses, including a specific focus on providing more financing directly to our existing customers.

Given this transformation, we recently launched our new brand identity to reflect our new growth strategy. This rebrand was critical to the company’s continued success as it provided a unique opportunity to creatively express our new strategy and the expanded products and services we now provide through a new brand.

Fostering Continuous Improvement

Marlin processes a high volume of small balance transactions making automation crucial to reducing unit processing costs as well as reinforcing the value proposition of speed and convenience in small balance lending with our customers.

In this high-volume processing environment, the application of technology has become an increasingly important strategic capability—especially with our increasing focus on creating digital channels within our business. Whether this is indirectly through our partners or when we transact directly with an existing customer, the ability to interact in a digital way is becoming critically important to us.

By recognizing the importance of investing in your business, and making the right investments—in relationships, branding and other necessary improvements—you position your company for success.


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