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Alfa Publishes New Paper on Systems Integration

Posted 08/04/2022

Alfa, the developer of Alfa Systems, a leading enterprise software platform for providers of automotive, wholesale and equipment finance, has published a new paper on best practice in systems integration.

Part of Alfa’s Innovation in Implementation series, the new paper Integration - Leveraging the Power of an Open Platform discusses how best to approach the integration aspect of a systems transformation project, including the prioritization of features and portfolios, aligning the various teams, understanding the data, and designing integrations that are easy to build, change and maintain.

Previous papers in the series, which guides decision-makers and project leads on how to approach modern enterprise software implementations, have discussed phased implementations and complex data migrations.

Miro Torma, a Project Manager with Alfa and co-author of the paper, said: “Modernizing your core platform can disrupt point-to-point integrations, which may have been developed over many years. It follows that their reimplementation, with all functionality retained or improved upon, is a key project challenge. Leveraging the Power of an Open Platform can not only help other implementers through that challenge, but also ready them for longer-term success.”

Ryan Fong, a Solution Architect and the other co-author, said: “We always place an emphasis on partnership and teamwork, with our strength and experience in both platform and delivery complementing the vision of the client. In this series we’re sharing our full experience for the benefit of those embarking on a systems implementation, and those who are focused on integration will recognize the challenges we address in this paper.”

In the Innovation in Implementation series, Alfa’s agile experts draw on their talent and experience to discuss ways in which agile can be used to deliver quickly and often. They present the main challenges to consider when operating within a complex systems landscape, with many interdependent factors that aren’t easy to separate into manageable chunks.

Future papers will explore how best to iterate and keep delivering value through effective partnering approaches; accelerated implementations; and powerful hosting and managed service strategies.

Find out more at alfasystems.com.

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About Alfa

Alfa has been delivering systems and consultancy services to the global asset and automotive finance industry since 1990.

Our best practice methodologies and specialized knowledge of asset finance mean that we deliver the largest system implementations and most complex business change projects. With an excellent delivery history over three decades in the industry, Alfa's track record is unrivalled.

Alfa Systems, our class-leading technology platform, is at the heart of some of the world's largest asset finance companies. Key to the business case for each implementation is Alfa Systems' ability to consolidate multiple client systems on a single platform. Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business for auto, equipment, wholesale and dealer finance on a multijurisdictional basis, including leases/loans, originations and servicing. An end-to-end solution with integrated workflow and automated processing using business rules, the opportunities that Alfa Systems presents to asset finance companies are clear and compelling.

With over 30 current clients and 26 countries served, Alfa has offices all over Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. For more information, visit alfasystems.com.

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