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Orion First to provide servicing to Universal Finance Corp

Posted 03/29/2022

SEATTLE—Orion First has begun servicing contracts for Universal Finance Corp

Massachusetts-based Universal Finance has over the last forty years established itself as a premier lender to the construction industry. The company now serves clients in a wide range of other industries, including transportation, restaurants, and medical equipment suppliers. As it’s grown from a regional to a national business, Universal has wanted to expand product lines and operate more efficiently. Limitations of its current systems had restricted them, however.

“Outsourcing our servicing enables us to focus on sales and credit underwriting,” says Dan Robinson, a partner at Universal, “which is what we do best.” 

Robinson led the search for a servicing partner. “Orion was clearly the top choice. No one else has the kind of performance and savvy that Orion does. They outperform everyone else, and they have two rare commodities: broad knowledge and deep history.”

“Like us, they’re really all about helping small businesses succeed.” says Orion EVP Quentin Cote. “It’s exciting to see them building a world-class organization.” Cote believes it’s natural for growing finance companies to seek servicing partners. “Visionary leaders recognize that originations and credit are key differentiators, while the back office can often be a drag on success.  Partnering with Orion ensures world-class performance, insight, and borrower experience.”


Orion First, founded in 2001, is a full-service commercial loan and lease portfolio servicer which provides a suite of services and products to manage the complete life cycle of a borrower. Orion’s product suite includes commercial loan and lease servicing and collection, portfolio management technology with client portal, data management, business analytics, and backup servicing. By delivering better technology, professional expertise, and deep experience, Orion empowers clients to focus their entrepreneurial energy on their greatest value—funding small businesses.


With more than 35 years of experience and located just north of Boston, in Reading, Massachusetts, Universal Finance Corp. is a direct funding source. It has been a premier lender for the construction industry as part of a “One Stop Shop” for New England’s finest contractors since the early 1980s. Universal’s extensive experience in the construction industry gives it a unique edge when relating to customers.


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