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LTi Technology Solutions Shows Resiliency and Implements 17 Customer Go-Lives Globally in 2020

Posted 12/17/2020
OMAHA, Neb., (December 17, 2020) – LTi Technology Solutions (LTi), a leading provider in asset finance software solutions, provided a company update for the end of the 2020 year. LTi was well-positioned for business resiliency with its industry-leading cloud solution, ASPIRE. Through effective project leadership, multi-disciplinary involvement, and strong stakeholder support, LTi successfully implemented 13 U.S., 2 Canadian, and 2 U.K. Customer Go Lives in 2020. Customers ranged from small and middle ticket vendor businesses to banks, as well as specialty finance companies.

In the era of COVID-19, a key enabler of digital transformation acceleration and cloud computing, ASPIRE in the LTiCloud has helped organizations move away from costly infrastructures. By transforming decisions, scaling, and zero downtime deployment into automated tasks, ASPIRE allows its customers to respond better to market dynamics and volatility.

“These are extraordinary times and it is important that we consciously and purposefully rethink architectural and technology choices, not just to survive this crisis but to come out better and stronger. COVID-19 has created a new inflection point that requires every company to dramatically accelerate the move to the cloud as a foundation for digital transformation. ASPIRE in the LTiCloud gives our customers increased visibility and scalability to create resilient operations. With this, ASPIRE provides our customers with the agility they need to help them thrive under the current economic conditions and beyond,” said Bryan Hunt, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of LTi.

“LTi has over 12 years of cloud-hosting expertise, and currently has over 100 customers relying on our cloud hosting service. With our deep knowledge and industry expertise, we have positioned ourselves well for the new era of the cloud. Through our successful 17 global customer go-lives in ASPIRE this year, we have demonstrated our commitment to delivering greater value to our customers when they need it most,” said Hunt. “LTi will continue to focus on our cloud platform to provide greater agility to run and modernize the infrastructure of leading asset finance companies across the world.”

About LTi Technology Solutions
LTi Technology Solutions delivers cutting-edge software and services to asset finance companies throughout North America and the UK from our Omaha, NE, headquarters. Backed by three decades of experience and expertise, we harness the collective intellect of our diverse team to solve critical business problems for customers every day. Our highly configurable platform, ASPIRE, empowers users to effectively scale their business by streamlining the lease and loan transaction lifecycle. The ASPIRE cloud solution is the industry’s leading cloud-based platform and key delivery tool in our client success.

For more information, call (800) 531-5086 or visit www.ltisolutions.com.
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