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Monthly Leasing and Finance Index 2nd Quarter 2001

Apr 1, 2001, 18:55 PM

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ELA recently released the results of its Performance Indicators Report (PIR) for the second quarter of 2001 (April - June)

The PIR tracks the performance of prominent leasing organizations in six key areas. Because the same companies were tracked and used in the analysis, the PIR provides fairly reliable trend analysis. Each illustration below reflects the data provided by those companies responding to that particular question. Typically, not every company polled responds to every question.

Due to continued consolidation in the industry, some of our participants have discontinued their participation in the PIR. However, we will be seeking new participants to add in the near future.

Total net portfolio continues to grow with almost a 17% increase since the second quarter 2000. New business volume had a minimal increase of about 2% since the second quarter 2000. The total number of employees continues to follow a declining trend with a slight decrease of less than 2% from the second quarter 2000. This slight growth in volume and decrease in number of employees could be attributed to the downturn in the economy. Credit approval ratios remain fairly steady with a minor increase of 3% since the second quarter 2000. Average losses have shown minor fluctuations throughout the year, but overall have increased almost 30% since the second quarter 2000. Delinquencies greater than 90 days have decreased slightly.

This study is conducted by ELA's Information & Research Services Department, which provides a variety of data, including customized market analyses, to ELA members and organizations involved in the $280 billion equipment leasing industry. To access this and other industry information, call ELA's Information & Research Services Department at (703) 516-8380.

Participants in the 2nd Quarter 2001 PIR Report

  • ADP Credit Corporation
  • Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
  • Computer Sales International
  • Dana Credit Corporation
  • De Lage Landen Financial Services
  • Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation
  • The Finova Group
  • Fleet Capital Leasing
  • Heller Financial, Inc.
  • Hitachi Credit America Corporation
  • John Deere Credit Corporation
  • Keycorp Leasing
  • Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation
  • US Bancorp Leasing & Financial
  • Verizon Credit Corporation
  • Wells Fargo Equipment Finance

Total Net Portfolio


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Total New Business Volume

Total New

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(as a percent of gross receivables)
  2000 2001
Less than 30 days 96.7 95.6 97.9 97.1 97.3
31-60 days 1.0 1.5 1.0 1.2 1.1
61-90 days 0.5 0.6 0.4 0.6 0.5
Over 90 days 1.8 2.3 0.7 1.1 1.1
  100 100 100 100 100

14 respondents

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Average Losses

Average Loss

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Credit Approved Ratio

Credit Approved

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Total Number of Employees

Total Number

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