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1. Can I deliver the lecture to any school or group that I'd like?

Yes. The more people we make aware of the benefits of the equipment leasing and finance industry, the better. However, we recommended that you carefully consider the demographic of your target audience to ensure that the content is both relevant and meaningful to them. Business schools, undergraduate economics and accounting classes, and even finance clubs are examples of groups that may find the lecture especially useful. Additionally, it will be easier in these cases to bridge the existing curriculum with the GLP content. That being said, many have stumbled upon this industry while pursuing degrees in completely different areas, so you do not need to feel restricted to any particular group.

2. How should I approach the school or group I'd like to present to?

While the level of interest and availability will vary, here are a few suggestions for initiating communication with your target audience:

  1. Leverage existing relationships
    1. Call and/or e-mail existing contacts at your alma mater to mention the​ GLP and explain your intentions. These contacts may be able to help set up a lecture, or connect you with someone who can.
    2. Inquire with friends and/or colleagues who are currently enrolled in an academic program. Some professors offer extra credit to students who bring in an outside speaker, so you may be able to help your friend or colleague in more ways than one.
  2. Send a generic letter or e-mail to a specific group, department or professor. Feel free to personalize the message as you see fit.

3. What should I say/present during the lecture?

ELFA has already developed a presentation and slide deck, so you don't have to worry about coming up with the content on your own. You can customize the presentation to make it more engaging and relevant to your specific audience, or simply utilize the slides in their current form. When presenting, please keep in mind that the GLP is not intended to promote ELFA, but rather to create more awareness about the equipment leasing and finance industry.

Download the Guest Lecture Presentation

4. Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Alexa Carnibella
Director of Professional Development
(202) 238-3416

5. W​here can I learn more about the GLP?

Visit the Guest Lecture Program page