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Edward A. Groobert Award for Legal Excellence

Awards Committee: 

  • Current Legal Committee Chair
  • Immediate Past Legal Committee Chair
  • ELFA President/CEO or his designee
  • Past Award Winners (revised April 2016, effective 2017)


Nominations may be made by any person (including current members of the Legal Committee or the Awards Committee) whose company/ firm is a current member in good standing of the ELFA.  To nominate an individual please contact Ed Rosen, Director of Governance at erosen@elfaonline.org.

Selection and Number of Annual Recipients:

The Awards Committee will make the final selection of the individual or individuals from the list of nominees. The number of recipients will be left to the discretion of the Awards Committee.


A personalized plaque.


  1. A nominee cannot be a current member of the Legal Committee or the Awards Committee
  2. The award may be given to a nominee clearly meeting one or more of the following criteria:
    • The nominee has made extraordinary contributions to one or more projects sponsored by or under the aegis of the ELFA and/or Legal Committee (or any of their committees or subcommittees) since the immediately preceding Legal Forum (which project(s) may have commenced prior to the immediately preceding Legal Forum). A nominee's presentation(s) at a Legal Forum should not be considered when evaluating the nominee's contributions. However, a nominee's contributions should not be discounted because the subject matter or work product of those contributions was later used in a presentation at the Legal Forum.
    • The nominee has played an outstanding leadership role in representing the ELFA and/or the Legal Committee to constituencies outside of the ELFA and its membership.
    • The nominee has made significant contributions over a substantial period of time even though such contributions in the period since the last Legal Forum may not have been in and of themselves adequate to merit the award.
    • Such other criteria as the Awards Committee may choose to employ.

Previous Winners:

  • 2024: Paul Bent
  • 2023: Moorari K. Shah and Ken Weinberg
  • 2022: Marc L. Hamroff
  • 2021: Bonnie Michael
  • 2019: Andrew K. Alper and Marjorie Krumholz
  • 2018: Stewart G. Abramson and Dominic A. Liberatore
  • 2017: Barry S. Marks
  • 2016: Alan Mogol
  • 2015: Barbara Goodstein
  • 2014: Mike Tobak
  • 2013: Mark Kohler
  • 2012: Teresa Davidson
  • 2011: Ed Gross
  • 2010: No award given
  • 2009: Marshall Goldberg
  • 2008: Robert Downey
  • 2007: Lynn Law, Michael Leichtling
  • 2006: Steve Whelan, Robert Ihne, Jeff Wong (posthumously)