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Equipment Finance Matters

The Equipment Finance Matters Podcast brings you up close and personal with leaders in the equipment finance industry. Find out how they joined the industry, their top pieces of leadership advice and their personal stories of overcoming challenges to succeed.  Brought to you by the Emerging Talent Advisory Council (ETAC) and ELFA.

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Episode 10: Reconnect and Reunite with Ralph Petta

This episode highlights ELFA's 60th Annual Convention taking place October 24-26 in San Antonio, Texas. Join host Alexa Carnibella and ELFA President and CEO Ralph Petta as they talk about the importance of this year's theme - reconnect and reunite.

Learn about the excellent lineup of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, plus more opportunities than ever to reconnect and reunite with fellow attendees. And it wouldn't be an ELFA convention without the opportunity to give back by participating in the community service events!

If you're a first-time attendee, don't miss the top advice to get the most out of your convention, including the "Colleague Connection" program jointly brought to you by the Emerging Talent Advisory Committee (ETAC), Women's Council and Equality Committee. 

So - before you reconnect and reunite at the convention, CONNECT to this episode to get a sneak peek at what's in store! See you in San Antonio!

Episode 9: Networking for Equality with Ben Grove and Stuart Papavassiliou

Inspired by Pride Month, this episode features lobbying and public policy powerhouse Ben Grove, Legislative Director at Thompson Coburn and President of Q Street, the professional nonprofit association of LGBTQ lobbyists and public policy advocates promoting LGBTQ equality and community. 

Ben shares how Q Street advances its mission to connect, support, and empower LGBTQ lobbyists and public policy advocates, how LGBTQ ELFA members can effectively speak to government officials, and three things ELFA members can do to support diversity, equity and inclusion for the LGBTQ community in the industry. 

This episode is co-hosted by Equality Committee member Stuart Papavassiliou, who shares how and when he became involved with ELFA and with the Equality Committee.

Episode 8: ELFA Federal and State Advocacy with Andy Fishburn and Scott Riehl

This episode is a government relations double-feature with guests Andy Fishburn, VP of Federal Government Relations and Scott Riehl, VP of State Government Relations.

Andy Fishburn discusses how the pandemic has changed advocacy, the future of tax policy, updates on Section 1071, this year's Capitol Connections and what ELFA members should be doing to impact policy in Washington.

In part two, Scott talks about the state and regulatory threats facing the industry and the issues ELFA is currently focused on.  

Bonus points if you catch the tidbits about the importance of composting!

Episode 7: With Jen Fanz and Deb Baker - Stoking the fire of Women's Leadership

This episode is all about what’s new with the ELFA Women's Council and upcoming Women's Leadership Forum. Join the formidable team of Deb Baker, Chair of the Women's Council and Jen Fanz, Chair of the Women's Leadership Forum, PLUS special co-host Lexie Dressman, Chair of the Emerging Talent Advisory Council. Whether you’re male or female, emerging or seasoned talent, this episode has insights for you.

This discussion is full of passion and excitement for what's on tap this year - including the launch of a mentoring program, creating opportunities for networking and relationship-building, plus the amazing sessions and speakers at this year's Leadership Forum on April 20.  We also discuss the challenges of the past year and the perks of working from home ('s comfortable pants!)

Episode 6: Sales Talk with Jeff Dicosola and Jesse Johnson

In this episode we're talking all things sales with Jeff Dicosola, Sales Manager with Great American and Jesse Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing at JDR Solutions.  The conversation tackles how the pandemic has impacted sales, how to pivot sales strategy when circumstances change, how to stay "top of mind" with current clients and how to win new clients when you can't visit them. Jeff and Jesse also share their top advice for those who are newer to the industry in sales.

Episode 5: ELFA Board Chair Kris Snow - No fear of failure

In this episode, double-threat Kris Snow, ELFA Board Chair and President of Cisco Capital, discusses why having no fear of failure has played a role in her success, shares the biggest challenge and rewarding risk in her career, and talks about her priorities as ELFA Chair. Along the way, we discuss diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives that all companies can implement and why golf is a sport for people who like a challenge.

Episode 4: Ricky Rios, CLFP - Working smarter, not harder

Ricky Rios, COO of Commercial Equipment Finance, Inc. (CEFI) shares the story of the biggest risk he ever took that led to his biggest reward and the importance of working SMARTER, not harder. We also discuss the value in hiring people with a desire to learn and grow, the wealth of information on the ELFA website ( and the benefit of earning the CLFP designation. This interview was conducted on August 24, 2020.

Episode 3: Mike DiCecco - not just business, business, business

Mike DiCecco, President of Huntington Equipment Finance, talks about the benefits of personal connection with customers and the importance of being flexible with colleagues in the era of social distancing. We also talk about e-docs, SBA Disaster Assistance and the upside of video chats to stay connected. This interview was conducted on March 30, 2020. 

Episode 2: Live from Quarantine with Madhu Natarajan

This episode features Madhu Natarajan, Co-Founder and CEO of Odessa. We discuss - what else? - the impact COVID-19 has had/is having on the industry, from how to ensure that remote employees are motivated and systems are secure to how to respond to customer needs in this challenging time. This episode was recorded on March 25, 2020. 

Episode 1: ELFA Board Chair Martha Ahlers – Soft on people, hard on the issues

Martha Ahlers, President of United Leasing & Finance, shares her top 3 pieces of advice for someone starting out in equipment finance, her biggest professional challenge and skills for success. Along the way, we talk bumper stickers, diversity in the industry, fashion and finance, and Pepsi.