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Equipment Finance Matters

The Equipment Finance Matters Podcast brings you up close and personal with leaders in the equipment finance industry. Find out how they joined the industry, their top pieces of leadership advice and their personal stories of overcoming challenges to succeed.  Brought to you by the Emerging Talent Advisory Council (ETAC) and ELFA.

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EPISODE 20: Zack Marsh - How Foundation Resources Can Propel Your Career

Join host Matt Vazzana as he talks with Zack Marsh, Chair of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation about the critical resources the Foundation provides and how they can help you stay on the cutting edge throughout your career.  Whether it's the popular U.S. Economic Outlook, Monthly Confidence Index, or the Vertical Market Outlook Series, the Foundation provides the future-focused data specific to the equipment finance industry.  Plus, there is no cost to access Foundation resources - ever.  

The Foundation is also charting new territory with its academic outreach programs - from its Campus to Career program designed to introduce students to the industry AND a new partnership with Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business and a first-of-its-kind equipment finance course curriculum.

If you're searching for future-focused resources that will enable you to make informed decisions - don't miss this episode!


EPISODE 19: ELFA Board Chair Rob Boyer – The Year Ahead

In this episode, Rob Boyer, ELFA Board Chair and President of First Commonwealth Equipment Finance, talks about his vision for the upcoming year, including taking ELFA to the next level alongside ELFA's new President & CEO Leigh Lytle.  Rob also talks about a pivotal decision that impacted his career trajectory, his top pieces of advice, and the value of education as new talent joins the industry.  We also talk about a cool way he recently used ChatGPT and how in his college days he could write a paper in 6 hours or less!  

Mentioned in this episode:

In podcast news - Emerging Talent Advisory Council Chair Matt Vazzana will join the podcast as co-host. The podcast is geared toward the industry's emerging talent, so adding Matt - an actual emerging leader - makes great sense!  Not only is Matt ETAC Chair, he's also a National Account Executive at Huntington Technology Finance AND a CLFP!  You can hear Matt on the next episode (and every episode after that!). 

Episode 18: Back to the Future (360) with Ralph Petta

This episode highlights ELFA's 62nd Annual Convention taking place October 22-24 in Phoenix, Arizona. Host Alexa Carnibella and ELFA President and CEO Ralph Petta talk about the importance of this year's theme - Future 360.

In today's rapidly changing world, it's important to keep an eye on the big picture to help your business succeed - EXACTLY what this year's lineup of keynote speakers and breakout sessions are designed to do! If you're a first-time attendee, don't miss the top advice to get the most out of your convention.

You can also give back by participating in the Sunday community service events. Bonus points if you adopt a dog at the "Build a Doghouse" event!

Before you head to Phoenix, be sure to check out this episode for a sneak peek of what's in store!

Episode 17: Joni Kovac – Purpose, Growth and Empowerment

As the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer for Mitsubishi HC Capital America, Joni Kovac has seen a lot of change over the course of her 20+ years in the industry.  In this episode, I talk with Joni about her career path, her biggest challenges and rewards, her top 3 pieces of advice for equipment finance newbies, and how hiring has (and hasn’t!) changed since the pandemic.  Along the way, we talk about what people look for in their jobs (hint: it’s in the title), not being afraid to ask questions and why you should NEVER do tae-bo kicks at a work event. 

Episode 16: Black History Month - Pushing the Industry Forward

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and honor Black Culture as well as examine the Black experience in the United States. In this episode, our guests talk about what they and their companies are doing not only to recognize and celebrate Black History Month, but to reach BEYOND to create real change in black communities and progress in the equipment finance industry. 

Join me and my co-host Eboni Preston-Laurent, ELFA's Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as we talk to Tanisha Gordon-Flowers from Cisco, Joshua Dickens from Arvest Equipment Finance, Lovern Gordon of the Black Equipment Finance Network, and Jene Hill from DLL. We hope you walk away inspired to join the movement to push the industry forward!

To contact this episode's guests:Tanisha Gordon-Flowers tangordo@cisco.com Jene Hill HillJM@delagelanden.com Joshua Dickens jdickens@arvest.com Lovern Gordon info@lovelifenow.org Eboni Preston-Laurent epreston@elfaonline.orgResources mentioned in this episodeBlack Equipment Finance Network (BEFN)www.befn.org 

Jené Hill Professional Black Girl Instagram@professionalblkgirl

Additional ResourcesNational Museum of African American History and Culturehttps://nmaahc.si.edu/learn/adultsNMAAHC adult programs are exceptional for providing immersive and experiential learning. These programs provide broad, intense, and respectful exchanges among presenters, the audience, and museum staff that expand, and refresh our overall knowledge about important figures or moments in African American history.

Code Switch Podcast from NPRhttps://www.npr.org/podcasts/510312/codeswitchHosted by journalists of color, our podcast tackles the subject of race with empathy and humor. We explore how race affects every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, food and everything in between. This podcast makes all of us part of the conversation — because we're all part of the story. Code Switch was named Apple Podcasts' first-ever Show of the Year in 2020.

Episode 15: ELFA Board Chair Bob Neagle – This Will Be a Positive, Upbeat Podcast

You don’t want to miss this first episode of 2023 – it’s fairly bursting with nuggets of wisdom and sage advice from Bob Neagle, ELFA Board Chair and Finova Capital President and CEO.  Hear how Bob went from a Ph.D. and professorship in 18th century English literature at Loyola University Chicago to the equipment finance industry, and how having supportive mentors and colleagues made all the difference.  You’re guaranteed to walk away with advice that can help you in your career.  Recorded on January 4, 2023.

Episode 14: Katie Crawford, CLFP - It's All About Connection

This episode features triple threat Katie Crawford - not only is she Regional Sales Manager at Arvest Equipment Finance, she's a CLFP AND was named one of the Monitor Magazine's 2022 Top 50 Women in Equipment Finance!

Join us as we discuss Katie's career path, the biggest (and most rewarding!) risk she has taken in her career, plus three invaluable pieces of advice for emerging leaders in the industry.  Take a listen and you'll see why Katie is a leader to watch!

Episode 13: The Hubbub About the Knowledge Hub

This episode provides an overview of the business intelligence available from ELFA - now conveniently housed under the Knowledge Hub.  With co-host Ralph Petta, ELFA President and CEO, we asked Jayma Sandquist and Brad Peterson to talk about their "go to" ELFA resources.  Whether you're a long-time user or wondering what information is available, this episode is for you!

Episode 12: The Black Experience in Equipment Finance

Recorded during Black History Month and brought to you by the ELFA Equality Committee, this episode features a candid discussion about the Black experience in the equipment finance industry, led by Sherry Lowe Johnson, ELFA Equality Committee member and VP, General Counsel and Head of Legal for Volvo Construction Equipment.  Sherry asks the thought-provoking questions of fellow guests Christopher Johnson (Pitney Bowes Global Financial Services), Shannon Lawson (Keating Muething & Klekamp) and Eric McGriff (Wintrust Specialty Finance) and the discussion is a must-listen for anyone in the industry.  What progress has our industry made when it comes to Black representation? How must policies change to move from words on paper to actual transformation?  What can Black leaders do to help Black candidates succeed in the workplace?  How can ALL leaders champion diversity and become allies in this effort?  

Episode 11: ELFA Board Chair Mike DiCecco - All In on ELFA Member Value

In the first episode of 2022, Mike DiCecco, Executive Managing Director of Huntington Asset Finance, shares his vision for his year as ELFA Board Chair, the benefits of being involved with ELFA, and the challenges and opportunities around the changing workforce.  Mike also discusses his belief that there are no right or wrong decisions in your career development, as long as you learn from them along the way.  There's much more to this conversation, so don't miss it!

Episode 10: Reconnect and Reunite with Ralph Petta

This episode highlights ELFA's 60th Annual Convention taking place October 24-26 in San Antonio, Texas. Join host Alexa Carnibella and ELFA President and CEO Ralph Petta as they talk about the importance of this year's theme - reconnect and reunite.

Learn about the excellent lineup of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, plus more opportunities than ever to reconnect and reunite with fellow attendees. And it wouldn't be an ELFA convention without the opportunity to give back by participating in the community service events!

If you're a first-time attendee, don't miss the top advice to get the most out of your convention, including the "Colleague Connection" program jointly brought to you by the Emerging Talent Advisory Committee (ETAC), Women's Council and Equality Committee. 

So - before you reconnect and reunite at the convention, CONNECT to this episode to get a sneak peek at what's in store! See you in San Antonio!

Episode 9: Networking for Equality with Ben Grove and Stuart Papavassiliou

Inspired by Pride Month, this episode features lobbying and public policy powerhouse Ben Grove, Legislative Director at Thompson Coburn and President of Q Street, the professional nonprofit association of LGBTQ lobbyists and public policy advocates promoting LGBTQ equality and community. 

Ben shares how Q Street advances its mission to connect, support, and empower LGBTQ lobbyists and public policy advocates, how LGBTQ ELFA members can effectively speak to government officials, and three things ELFA members can do to support diversity, equity and inclusion for the LGBTQ community in the industry. 

This episode is co-hosted by Equality Committee member Stuart Papavassiliou, who shares how and when he became involved with ELFA and with the Equality Committee.

Episode 8: ELFA Federal and State Advocacy with Andy Fishburn and Scott Riehl

This episode is a government relations double-feature with guests Andy Fishburn, VP of Federal Government Relations and Scott Riehl, VP of State Government Relations.

Andy Fishburn discusses how the pandemic has changed advocacy, the future of tax policy, updates on Section 1071, this year's Capitol Connections and what ELFA members should be doing to impact policy in Washington.

In part two, Scott talks about the state and regulatory threats facing the industry and the issues ELFA is currently focused on.  

Bonus points if you catch the tidbits about the importance of composting!

Episode 7: With Jen Fanz and Deb Baker - Stoking the fire of Women's Leadership

This episode is all about what’s new with the ELFA Women's Council and upcoming Women's Leadership Forum. Join the formidable team of Deb Baker, Chair of the Women's Council and Jen Fanz, Chair of the Women's Leadership Forum, PLUS special co-host Lexie Dressman, Chair of the Emerging Talent Advisory Council. Whether you’re male or female, emerging or seasoned talent, this episode has insights for you.

This discussion is full of passion and excitement for what's on tap this year - including the launch of a mentoring program, creating opportunities for networking and relationship-building, plus the amazing sessions and speakers at this year's Leadership Forum on April 20.  We also discuss the challenges of the past year and the perks of working from home (hint...it's comfortable pants!)

Episode 6: Sales Talk with Jeff Dicosola and Jesse Johnson

In this episode we're talking all things sales with Jeff Dicosola, Sales Manager with Great American and Jesse Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing at JDR Solutions.  The conversation tackles how the pandemic has impacted sales, how to pivot sales strategy when circumstances change, how to stay "top of mind" with current clients and how to win new clients when you can't visit them. Jeff and Jesse also share their top advice for those who are newer to the industry in sales.

Episode 5: ELFA Board Chair Kris Snow - No fear of failure

In this episode, double-threat Kris Snow, ELFA Board Chair and President of Cisco Capital, discusses why having no fear of failure has played a role in her success, shares the biggest challenge and rewarding risk in her career, and talks about her priorities as ELFA Chair. Along the way, we discuss diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives that all companies can implement and why golf is a sport for people who like a challenge.

Episode 4: Ricky Rios, CLFP - Working smarter, not harder

Ricky Rios, COO of Commercial Equipment Finance, Inc. (CEFI) shares the story of the biggest risk he ever took that led to his biggest reward and the importance of working SMARTER, not harder. We also discuss the value in hiring people with a desire to learn and grow, the wealth of information on the ELFA website (www.elfaonline.org) and the benefit of earning the CLFP designation. This interview was conducted on August 24, 2020.

Episode 3: Mike DiCecco - not just business, business, business

Mike DiCecco, President of Huntington Equipment Finance, talks about the benefits of personal connection with customers and the importance of being flexible with colleagues in the era of social distancing. We also talk about e-docs, SBA Disaster Assistance and the upside of video chats to stay connected. This interview was conducted on March 30, 2020. 

Episode 2: Live from Quarantine with Madhu Natarajan

This episode features Madhu Natarajan, Co-Founder and CEO of Odessa. We discuss - what else? - the impact COVID-19 has had/is having on the industry, from how to ensure that remote employees are motivated and systems are secure to how to respond to customer needs in this challenging time. This episode was recorded on March 25, 2020. 

Episode 1: ELFA Board Chair Martha Ahlers – Soft on people, hard on the issues

Martha Ahlers, President of United Leasing & Finance, shares her top 3 pieces of advice for someone starting out in equipment finance, her biggest professional challenge and skills for success. Along the way, we talk bumper stickers, diversity in the industry, fashion and finance, and Pepsi.