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People Power Committee Term Policy and Application Process

Committee or Council Members


  • Must be an active ELFA member. Goal is 15 to 18 members.
  • Goal is 2/3 regular members, 1/3 service providers.
  • One member of the ELFA Board of Directors will serve as a Council liaison.
  • Only one committee member per ELFA member company.
  • The Chair, Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Chair and staff liaison will form a Nominating Task Force. This committee will be responsible for identifying members of the Council and ensuring diverse representation on the Council.

Term Limit

  • Term of service is January 1 to December 31.
  • There is a 3-year term for regular members. Each committee member may request one additional year of service is desired, which must be approved by the Chair and staff liaison. The Chair shall serve for a maximum of four years.
  • Goal is 2/3 of the committee will remain from one year to the next.

Attendance is expected at:

  • Regular committee conference calls held throughout the year
  • All People Power events hosted by the committee.
  • While not required, attendance is encouraged at the Annual Convention and annual strategic planning session.

Committee Chair

  • Must be an active ELFA Member.
  • Must serve one year as Chair-Elect prior to being the Committee Chair and one year as Committee Chair.
  • Must remain one year after completion of term before being rotated off the committee as Past Chair.
  • Must designate a secretary prior to each meeting to document meeting notes and circulate minutes for each call or in-person meeting.

Subcommittee Chairs

On an as-needed basis as subcommittees are formed, subcommittee chairs will be assigned and may be asked to attend additional update meetings with the Council Chair and staff liaison.

Committee Application Process

All interested prospects must complete the People Power application form on the ELFA website.  Once the form is complete, the nominating committee will be in touch with next steps and appropriate timelines. If an applicant is put on a waiting list, your application will be reviewed each year by the Nominating Committee for consideration when seats are open on the committee.  

ELFA reserves the right to amend this term policy.  Certain vacancies may be designated for shorter terms to balance the term expirations and Committee composition.

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