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Knowledge Hub Answers Your Legal and Tax Questions

May-June 2022

Two dynamic tools to help you address legal, tax compliance and planning issues.

HAVE YOU HEARD WHAT'S NEW in the ELFA Knowledge Hub? Two dynamic tools to help equipment finance professionals address a myriad of legal, tax compliance and planning issues.

KHubstatetaxState Tax Manual

To help equipment finance companies with tax compliance and planning, ELFA’s State Tax Manual is the only one-stop, quick source of tax information dedicated to the equipment finance industry. It provides members with a comprehensive state-by-state analysis of sales and property taxes, and is updated on an ongoing monthly basis by Vertex.  

Who Uses the State Tax Manual? 
The State Tax Manual is designed as a starting point for research for both new and experienced tax professionals in the equipment finance industry:
  • When seeking basic sales, use tax and property tax information applicable to the industry
  • As a resource for someone new to equipment finance and/or taxes to obtain knowledge for tax compliance in each state
  • When their organization is expanding into new states or is involved in a merger or acquisition
  • As a tool to use in the preparation of a tax audit or during an audit
  • For information that is not readily available on a state’s website or even within a state’s tax code.
  • For benchmarking by validating tax treatment within a company with others.

State Law Compendium

ELFA’s State Law Compendium is the only one-stop resource of statutes and regulations that focuses on the equipment finance industry. The compendium contains over 100 legal topic areas compiled by volunteer attorneys, and is designed to serve as a springboard for researching legal questions throughout the 50 states. 

Who Uses the State Law Compendium? 
The State Law Compendium is a valuable resource for users with varied levels of experience who have questions about state laws. 
  • Attorneys who are new to law and/or the equipment finance industry
  • Experienced attorneys conducting initial research in a topic area before delving more deeply with a legal research tool such as Westlaw or Lexis 
  • Inside counsel who deal with numerous states and want a quick answer without going to outside counsel
  • Equipment finance professionals who are seeking an attorney in a specific jurisdiction, or want to research questions such as whether a contract clause will be upheld in a certain state.
  • Anyone entering business in a new state.
Access both of these resources in the ELFA Knowledge Hub today at www.elfaonline.orgKnowledgeHub.


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