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March/April 2019

Spotlight on Delinquencies
According to the Interactive SEFA Dashboard, delinquencies are slowly creeping up. While not as bad as 2008–09 levels, they have increased each year since 2014. See details by year, type of organization and more at

TaxTax-Oriented Leases on the Rise
New business volume for tax-oriented leases was up 12.3% in 2017 compared to 2016.
Source: 2018 Survey of Equipment Finance Activity


January MLFI Year-Over-Year

Up4New Business Volume: up 4% 

Down10Aging of Receivables: down 10%

YellowArrowCharge-offs: virtually unchanged

Down10Credit Approvals: down 1%

YellowArrowEmployment: unchanged

Independent Study
Regulation related to small-ticket transactions is expected to increase in the near future, and many expect the cost of regulation will rise. See details in the new report Independents: Banking on the Non-Banks at

Solar Trends
Costs for utility-scale solar have fallen by more than 80% in the last decade. Utility-scale solar is now the cheapest source of electricity in regions with strong solar irradiance, such as in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Source: The Impact of New Energy Production Technologies on Equipment Finance,

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