Syndifi Launches Groundbreaking Deal Pools Feature on Online Syndication Platform

Posted 09/27/2021

[Chicago, IL]: Syndifi Inc., the online syndication software provider company built specifically for the Equipment Finance industry, has announced it’s official launch of Deal Pools as a new platform feature. 

The deal pools feature enables sellers to click on deals they want to syndicate together in a pool from their lease accounting system. The combined deal data is sent to Syndifi electronically in seconds and configured into a data visualization dashboard. Buyers can view portfolio’s in a more dynamic and interactive format to drill deeper into deal data for quicker, more informed decision making.

“Historically, selling multiple deals in a pool is done through spreadsheets or data tapes which is crazy considering the type of technology tools available today, ” Dan Michalek, CEO and Founder of Syndifi, said. 


Dealmakers traditionally use spreadsheets to manage their deal pipeline and deal pools. This is very problematic because spreadsheets are not designed to manage the volume and complexity of the data generated in today’s deals between Buyers and Sellers. In addition, the human error risk increases greatly while managing large volumes of sensitive financial data manually.


“Our goal is to take the raw data directly from your lease accounting system rather than a spreadsheet/data tape. We can turn this source data into a colorful picture using state of the art visualization tools to create a very dynamic and interactive view of the portfolio with drop downs, bar charts, graphs etc. along with KPI’, “ Michalek said. “Simply you can drill down and see the individual deals and decide which deals you don’t want to purchase by unchecking them. Instantly all the charts, graphs and KPI’s change. This is the way portfolios should be reviewed rather than staring at a massive static spreadsheet!”


This new platform feature is positioned to be a real game changer for the syndication market.  Dealmakers now have full visibility and control over their deal pool with a holistic view of all deal activity. Full visibility is critical and priceless for Dealmakers to syndicate smarter. 


About Syndifi Inc.
Syndifi is an online syndication platform built specifically for the Equipment Finance industry enabling Buyers and Sellers to transact securely with their trusted partners in the cloud. The Syndifi platform is built to modernize the Syndication process around secure file sharing.

For more information on Syndifi, please visit or contact Alistair Canal at

SOURCE Syndifi, Inc. 
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