FORT Capital Resources Acquires Malartu, Inc.

Posted 07/14/2021

FORT Capital Resources (FORT), an independent commercial finance company in Raleigh, NC, has acquired Malartu, Inc., a data analytics and software firm along with its technology portfolio to further enhance the impact of FORTs Integrated Vendor Finance Programs and end user engagements.  Founders; Jon Spinney and Sean Steigerwald, along with their team will serve as the tech development arm of FORT, accelerating the company's digital initiatives and their shared vision to deliver value to companies throughout their growth phases and overall business lifecycle.  Harmonizing the insights and clarity the Malartu platform provides with FORTs ability to service commercial finance transactions from $20 thousand to $10+ million, for early stage growth companies through to the enterprise is a powerful combination and an immediate uplift of capabilities.  Together, they plan to produce a sustainable flow of $1B in annual transaction volume with a backdrop of gratified clients, partners, and employees, in the next five years.

“We are beyond excited about this venture and the merging of our teams,” said Brian Fleming - Managing Member of FORT  “it’s such an awesome combination. Not only does it heighten the impact we have on our clients and partners, it immediately gives us deeper clarity into our own organization, helping us make key strategic decisions to stay on track toward accomplishing our “big hairy audacious goals” along with the goals of our clients and partners.  What’s better is the alignment we have at the core with a shared set of values and overall culture.  The cohesiveness and complimenting skill sets of everyone mesh perfectly.  It’s one of those 1+1 = 4 scenarios and we’re excited.  Now it’s about getting it done together.”

The acquisition of Malartu advances FORTs commitment to deliver value to their vendor partners and clients.  FORTs focus has always been on; 1.) implementing Integrated Finance Programs and enhancing the sales efforts of; Equipment Manufactures, SaaS companies, Managed Services Providers, and their reseller networks (Vendors) while making the client acquisition process simple and equitable, and 2.)  working closely with end user clients whose businesses rely heavily on the acquisition of capital assets through the leveraging of financing.  In both cases the measure of FORTs success is based on the partner and/or client achieving their goals and objectives.

“Combining our existing technology, development methodology, and processes with FORTs capabilities, customer relationships, and positioning in the capital markets, is an immediate enhancement to our joint offering that supports scale at an exponential pace.” stated Jon Spinney - CoFounder & CEO of Malartu “We’ve got an ideal jump off point with a bright future of continuous advancement and development of the offering.” 

Existing and new vendor partners can expect a more fully integrated, streamlined, and differentiating finance program to be able to offer their clients while enhancing their sale and keeping clients happy.  The efficacy and impact of the program will be measured ongoing to identify opportunities for improvement and confirm the vendors defined objectives are reached.  

Existing and new end user clients can expect the same level of service and attention with deeper insights into their operations, better identifying strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address while navigating their business lifecycle through the use of finance facilities.  The clarity provided to our clients will bring more certainty in their strategic decision making and further their ability to focus on core business initiatives.


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