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High Precision Manufacturer with Immediate Need to Upgrade Equipment, Quickly Constructs New Partnership with NFS Leasing, Inc.

Posted 10/29/2020
October 29, 2020 


NFS Leasing, Inc. has entered a new partnership with ALVA Manufacturing, Inc. to provide upwards of $800K in equipment financing in less than a month to fund automated manufacturing and tooling systems.

ALVA Manufacturing, Inc. produces high precision components and assemblies for the aerospace, medical, and electronics industries. ALVA found itself needing to cut production costs while maintaining production growth which is no easy task, especially on a short timeline. However, it came across automated manufacturing and tooling systems that would allow them to do just that. This equipment funded by NFS Leasing will allow ALVA to immediately decrease production costs while maintaining production growth.

“NFS’ services are notable for many reasons.  Speed to complete the financing is most often the critical need and a prominent feature in the services we provide,” says Rich Vassallo, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “ALVA came to us with an immediate need for automated systems and we knew we needed to meet that rapid timeline in order for them to succeed.”

“It can be challenging to get agreements like this done on time,” Tam Nguyen, President and Founder of ALVA Manufacturing, Inc. states. “We are grateful that NFS was able to finance the equipment in less than a month and fortunate to have them as a partner. Fulfilling our financing need this quickly has allowed us to stay on schedule for our current and future projections.”

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