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JDR Solutions clients’ managed assets soar to record level

Posted 03/23/2020
JDR Solutions Inc. manages a record $13.36 billion in net assets for its lease finance clients, a 63 percent increase over fourth quarter 2019. It marks the first time JDR's client portfolio surpassed $10 billion in asset value.

"Business is thriving for our customers, and these asset numbers are proof," said Doug Williams, JDR's President and Chief Information Officer. "We work hard to take care of our customers, and are thrilled to play a role in their success."

JDR manages nearly 1.2 million individual client assets, representing just over 60,000 contracts. Those assets range from business machines to rail cars to corporate jets to farm machinery to heavy duty equipment, and more.

JDR's expanded service offerings, including its move to a "software agnostic" business model this year, contributed to the higher asset numbers.

"In January we made a major change in our business model, whereby we now now are able to service any software package a lessor chooses to use," Williams said. "We're getting a lot of positive response from both customers and prospective customers about this shift in how we do business."

Indianapolis-based JDR Solutions offers comprehensive back office portfolio management, consulting, hosting and customer service/collections, as well as building customer- and sales staff-centric web portals. Its clients include banks, captives and independent financial institutions in North America and the United Kingdom.

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