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Bob Rinaldi Examines How Technology Is Changing One of the Oldest Professions

Posted 07/09/2019

Today Bob Rinaldi releases interesting new video interviews on each of his website blogs.  “How Technology Is Changing One of the Oldest Professions” with Michael Levison, CEO of ALS Resolvion Skip Trace & Repossession Management Services,  can be found at “Leasing Avenues”.  While Terence Reilly – Aganorsa Leaf Cigar Company can be found at “Diversions.”  

Bob Rinaldi, LLC provides advisory services to independent lessors, financial institutions, industry service providers, manufacturers and international firms entering the U.S. equipment finance marketplace. Major services include new product strategies, new business development strategies, debt placement, exit planning strategy, and confidential advisory services to principals and CEOs.


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