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Med One Group Appoints New President / Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President – Director of Medical Leasing

Posted 05/29/2024

Med One Group, a leading provider of medical equipment leasing and rental solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Stevens as President and Chief Operating Officer and Carter Allen as Senior Vice President – Director of Medical Leasing, effective May 9, 2024.

Robb Stevens and Carter Allen joined the Med One lease originations team in 2002 and have been key contributors since. Robb most recently served as the company’s Senior Vice President – Director of Equipment Leasing and Carter as Senior Vice President – Strategic Account Manager.

With over two decades of experience and contribution to Med One’s success, both Stevens and Allen are committed to upholding the innovation and excellence set forth by the company since its inception in 1991. Their contribution and advancement into leadership roles within the company have been pivotal to forging lasting customer relationships and expanding Med One’s overall lease portfolio nationwide.

“It is a tremendous honor to accept this opportunity to lead Med One into the future,” said Robb Stevens. “Having worked alongside Larry and Brent for many years, I understand what they have built, how they have built it, and my top priority is to preserve and expand the legacy of this great company.”

Stevens and Allen will work jointly in their new roles to oversee all aspects of Med One including strategic planning, business development, customer relations, and more. “With strong vendor partners and a great leasing team, we are excited to continue to provide access to needed equipment for our customers,” said Carter Allen.

This leadership announcement underscores Med One’s firm desire to build on its roots and stay true to the company’s strategic vision as a generational legacy company providing innovative, flexible, and vital solutions to health care providers and their equipment suppliers.

Med One’s ongoing interest in the health care space is also consistent with its vision to play an important role in the preservation and improvement of individual lives by facilitating access to essential equipment needed to deliver quality patient care.

Med One has a long-standing reputation of excellence, built on a foundation of simplicity, creativity, and responsiveness. The company is well positioned to continue its growth and expand its impact in the healthcare and financing sectors as this next generation of leadership takes shape.

About Med One: 

Med One Group is one of the healthcare industry's largest independent medical equipment leasing, rental, and sales companies. The company is renowned for its streamlined and efficient processes and exceptional customer service. Med One operates through 14 strategically located offices and distribution centers throughout the United States, ensuring comprehensive coverage and unparalleled support for its customers. Visit medonegroup.com to learn more.


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