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Capteris Delivers Record Q1, Sees Increased Demand for Private Credit Solutions

Posted 04/12/2024

(Fairfield, CT).  Capteris, a provider of mid and large ticket equipment finance, announced a 200% increase in year-over-year Q1 funded volume, resulting in their strongest quarter since inception.  Given continued market uncertainties, the company saw a significant increase in the number of clients and financial sponsors who looked towards Capteris’ expertise and tailored solutions versus traditional equipment finance providers.  With certain banks reassessing their equipment finance business and pivoting more towards deposit and fee business, Capteris also experienced an uptick in buy desk opportunities as financial institutions looked to utilize Capteris’ balance sheet to fund their clients’ leases and loans, all while maintaining their customer relationships.     

Eric Dusch, President and CEO of Capteris, stated “Our first quarter reflects our continued commitment to be the reliable and attractive alternative source of capital for the mid-market, sponsor finance, and large corporate segments as well as to our capital markets partners.  Despite the current lending environment, Capteris remains very active, recently providing over $400 plus million in lease and loan commitments across 25 plus different sponsors and nearly 50 customers, with many more in our pipeline.”

Regarding the rationale behind the increase in business activity, Mr. Dusch explained, “Our seasoned team of experts bring an average of 20+ years of equipment finance knowledge to each client experience.  Customers, sponsors, partners, and advisors witness first-hand how we craft solutions tailored to their individual financial and operational objectives, all while ensuring certainty of execution.” He also added, “With full Capital Markets capabilities, we can provide a one-stop, simplified approach to equipment financing, which financial sponsors and capital-intensive businesses are looking to leverage more often. In addition, we are becoming a more meaningful source of capital to our banking partners and peer group as well.”

About Capteris

Capteris is a provider of mid and large ticket equipment finance solutions targeting the midmarket, large corporate, and financial sponsor segments. With strong financial backing, flexible custom solutions, and deep domain expertise, Capteris is an attractive alternative to traditional equipment finance providers. From leases and loans to refinancing and asset-backed debt solutions, Capteris offers competitive products and structures to meet the needs of their individual clients.

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