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Tamarack releases enhancements to DataConsole™

Posted 03/26/2024

DataConsole 2.0 adds syndication automation and AI for sales forecasting

St. Paul, Minn. (March 26, 2024)Tamarack Technology, Inc., has released the next version of its DataConsole™ Business Intelligence reporting system. Developed to consolidate and use data from across the enterprise, DataConsole provides equipment finance executive teams the ability to leverage analytics, intelligence, and reporting to derive actionable insights and make informed decisions that drive operational improvements.

“Once customers have all their data in one place with access to the purpose-built reports found in DataConsole, they find ways to grow faster, strengthen portfolios and improve productivity, as well as see opportunities for more functionality,” said Tim Appleget, director of SaaS products at Tamarack Technology. “DataConsole 2.0 actually gives customers more than they’ve asked for. It also provides customers with a consolidated, historical base of data from which to build critical analytics to gain competitive advantages for the future.”  

The most significant enhancement in DataConsole 2.0 is the addition of a Syndication Builder. The new feature accelerates the portfolio syndication process with comprehensive asset pool analysis and design coupled with automated “data tape” generation.

“Higher interest rates and a broad pull-back from equipment finance by bank lenders has increased customers’ need to syndicate asset pools to help fund growth,” said Appleget.

DataConsole’s existing tools for analyzing portfolio risk and performance provided a natural foundation from which to construct Syndication Builder. The new dashboard provides those responsible for portfolio risk management and for the acquisition of additional growth funding a single point of access for the steps traditionally performed manually by multi-functional teams.

Other enhancements in DataConsole 2.0 include the addition of AI forecasting to the sales forecasting function; enhanced visuals of Year-over-Year comparisons, Static Loss Pools, and Transaction sizes; more accurate reporting on Approval Ratios, Look-to-Book, and Win Rates; new measures for Portfolio Run-Off and Delinquency Roll Rates; and the inclusion of ExportPro™, which provides the ability to share insights with other groups via data in standard file formats.

DataConsole is part of Tamarack’s Business Intelligence solution designed for professionals in the equipment finance industry. Since its launch in 2021, DataConsole has been implemented by multiple equipment finance companies, including Dakota Financial, KLC Financial and Oakmont Capital Services.

About Tamarack Technology, Inc.

Tamarack Technology is a leading provider of AI-based automation and business intelligence software specifically designed for the equipment finance industry. For more than 20 years, Tamarack has helped lessors protect their investments, improve business performance, and provide customers with access to solutions that enhance financial results. The company’s professional services help customers with technology integration, implementation and data migration for the leading industry portfolio management platforms. Tamarack's suite of AI products connects and integrates key ecosystem applications using historical and real-time data to automate burdensome manual processes, drive operational efficiency with better, faster decision-making, and improve organizational productivity. For more information, emaildiscover@tamarack.ai, visit www.tamarack.ai or call (888) 952-8268.


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