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Sudhir Amembal Joining Rinaldi Advisory Services

Posted 09/11/2023

ELFA Hall of Famer and The Monitor 2023 Converge Nominee in two categories, Sudhir Amembal, CEO of Amembal & Halladay, is returning to the U.S. to provide lease education to emerging industry leaders and their teams. From the early 80’s to the mid 90’s, his firm trained over 50,000 leasing professionals in the U.S. equipment finance industry. He then took his practice overseas, becoming world-renowned over the past two decades. He has co-authored, authored, and published 18 industry publications, including two best-sellers, “The Handbook of Equipment Leasing” and “Winning With Leasing!”

Sudhir states, “All those pioneers and their teams that I trained years ago are mostly retired, so in conjunction with Bob Rinaldi, a long-time friend and international colleague of Amembal & Halladay, we are returning to start the process anew.  But this time, we have an even greater knowledge base and the benefit of the latest technology to educate future leaders and their teams.”  “Sudhir has been my mentor and dear friend for some time, not to mention being responsible for meeting and ultimately marrying the love of my life, Emily,” says Bob Rinaldi. “It has always been a dream of mine to work more closely with Sudhir.”

Bob and Sudhir are proud to announce Sudhir’s joining Rinaldi Advisory Services. Sudhir adds,” I am delighted and honored to work with Bob. With a unique combination of hands-on and education experience spanning decades, we will provide the industry with the best in class training services.

About Rinaldi Advisory Services
RAS provides advisory services to independent lessors, financial institutions, industry service providers, OEMs, and equipment dealers. Primary services include strategic planning for growth, enterprise value optimization, possible exit strategy for independents and dealers, and confidential advisory services to principals/executives of equipment finance companies and regulated financial institutions wanting to enter the equipment finance industry.

About Amembal & Halladay
Amembal & Halladay is the world’s most respected training, publications, and consultancy firm in the equipment finance industry. Founded in 1978, the firm has trained over 80,000 professionals in over 80 countries, provided consultancy services to a myriad of firms, and authored 18 industry publications. 

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