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Takeaways from the May 19 Innovation Roundtable

Posted 05/31/2022
At the May 19 ELFA Innovation Roundtable, attendees enjoyed an engaging and wide-ranging conversation focused on the theme "Beyond Portals: Evolving Digital Customer Experience." During the interactive discussion, participants gained insights into how industry peers are dealing with the rapidly evolving landscape of digital customer experience solutions and adoption strategies.

The Innovation Roundtable was hosted & facilitated by Deborah Reuben, CEO & Founder of TomorrowZone, and featured panelists from the ELFA Technology Innovation Work Group, including:

  • Barry Beer, Director of Business Technology Strategy at Dell Financial
  • Eldon Richards, CTO at Solifi
  • Lisa Fitzgerald, SVP Technology at Finova Capital
  • Rafe Rosato, Chief Innovation Officer at DLL Group
  • Robert Preville, CEO at Kwipped/Approve

Special thanks to Nancy Pistorio, Chair of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, for kicking off the roundtable with opening remarks. Below are some of the observations and questions that came out of the event, compiled by TomorrowZone.

ELFA Inno Roundtable 2022_Q2_01

Key Takeaways

Is the traditional equipment finance "PORTAL" a notion of the past? What's the future? We need to understand what is possible with technology and how customer preferences are changing, and find new ways to interact, engage and add value beyond the portal.

  • How do we want customers to communicate? AND even more important, How do CUSTOMERS want to communicate?
  • Really focus on who your customer is and create the experience that brings THEM value.
  • Customers want fast, simple experiences. Keep it super easy. AND SAFE.
  • User experience goes beyond financing.
  • Meet customers where they are--more and more customers expect a digital experience in their pocket.
  • There is a lot of talk about adding financing to the point of sale. Instead of asking how do we add financing to the point of sale, we should be asking: Where is the POINT OF SALE? And we should be focusing instead on the POINT OF INFLUENCE.

Join the conversation! Don't miss the next ELFA Innovation Roundtable on August 4.

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