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Members speak out: Why should I download the SEFA report?

The Survey of Equipment Finance Activity (SEFA) is the most important source of statistical information available on the equipment finance industry. We asked ELFA members to explain the value of the SEFA report in their own words. If you’re wondering why you should download the report, here's what your colleagues have to say:

  • "The SEFA has become the most important source of data in our industry. Over the years it has evolved into 300 pages of very granular information that can help you compare your performance, understand trends and find new markets."

  • "Where else could we go to obtain such a high caliber of data customized for our business, and gathered from sources within our industry that we can depend on?"

  • "The SEFA report provides a tremendous wealth of information on the industry’s health and how we compare to the industry overall. It should be a trusted report as it is developed and created with advisement from industry leaders to assure its authenticity and accuracy."

  • "The SEFA Report is an outstanding business tool providing reliable, in-depth analysis and data in an easy-to-read format. It is an excellent source for key business metrics benchmarking and peer analysis. The report offers individuals insights into a variety of vital statistics that can be utilized for strategic planning, financial modeling, and capital allocation."

  • "The SEFA report is the best source we have identified for providing detailed information for our industry and peer group.  It is our primary source of data and information for benchmarking and gaining insight into industry trends and performance."

  • "The SEFA report is a comprehensive resource that provides critical data and metrics that directly impact any entity or anyone operating in the equipment financing space. Therefore, it is a must read."

  • "The SEFA report is a compilation of relevant industry information from trusted sources within the industry. It provides a plethora of data elements from various vantage points including year-over-year trending."

Let us hear from you! Email what you love most about the SEFA to Amy Vogt at avogt@elfaonline.org.

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