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The Marine Industry

Sailing on Strong Asset Prices for Now, both Domestically and Internationally

Supported by supply chain disruptions and overall strong demand for cargo, times are good for the marine industry everywhere. Freight rates are profitable, replacement cost and interest rates keep tonnage supply in check, and the prospects seem promising for time being.

Inherent industry risks, however, are still lurking.

While previous recessions were primarily driven by weakened demand, these days supply seems to be the front-and-center concern. From port congestion and supply chain disruptions to high commodity prices and geo-political events, the marine industry has been faced with a unique market place. Although demand and freight have been generally strong in most marine sectors, asset prices are even higher than vessel earnings would suggest, as marine is a critical component of the logistics nexus. This webinar is intended to discuss most such variables affecting the marine industry, and their expected impact in the short and intermediate term, and therefore, asset managers, credit risk managers, analysts and investment and finance professionals with lenders, equipment financiers, and lessors will find this Webinar of extreme interest.