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In-House Workshops

Hosting a workshop at your own facility gives you the flexibility and convenience to address specific learning needs of your employees, establish collective knowledge, a shared skill-set, and achieve even your most challenging business goals. Our instructors come to you and works with you to customize the content to your group's needs. If you've got at least 10 people to train, this might be a more affordable alternative for you.

Principles of Equipment Leasing and Finance Workshop – 2 days

The in-house Principles Workshop is all about helping your employees become more valuable members of your corporate team. That means getting a full understanding of the basics of the business within the context of what is happening now in the marketplace. The agenda includes: Industry Terminology; Lifecycle of a Lease; Legal, Tax and Accounting Rules and Regulations; Types of Lease and Finance Transactions; Law and Documentation; Lease Accounting; Benefits of Leasing; Fraud Prevention and Detection and much more!

Want In-House training for your company? Contact Alexa Carnibella at (202) 238-3416 or acarnibella@elfaonline.org.

“It was one of the most beneficial, effective, and efficient financial investments I have made in our company related to Lease Training. As one of the participants for the full two days, I can attest personally to the benefits of this method of training.

In the subsequent few weeks following the session, we had several client encounters that turned into sales closures. The sales team say they were directly related to the information they picked up in the meeting, whether it was a new way to explain a particular lease type or help with a detailed comparison of lease types. Their command of the material related to their positions was demonstrably enhanced by these sessions and notable by our clients.

The onsite session was just what we needed, and I highly encourage others to do the same if they are needing a principles class focused and tailored to their company’s need.”

Joe J. Powell, III
WC Leasing