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Financial Statement Analysis

Developed in conjunction with Moody's Analytics, Financial Statement Analysis is the only course of its kind available specifically for LEASING credit and risk professionals. The course not only covers the fundamentals that all credit professionals need to know, but goes BEYOND to teach future-focused skills necessary in today's environment.

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Course Length:

7 modules, 6-8 hours

Audience description

Designed to help credit analysts, underwriters, portfolio managers, and credit officers increase their proficiency in assessing risk and evaluating the creditworthiness of middle market companies through financial statement analysis in order to make thoughtful and well informed credit decisions.

Attendee Feedback

"Thank you so much for the certificate. I enjoyed the course and truly learned a lot. I appreciate the new format and found it much easier to navigate than the original course I was set up to take. I am recommending it to all of my new colleagues."

- Michelle Kostick, Vice President, First American Equipment Finance

Course Outline

Module 1 - Introduction to Financial Analysis and Business Types
Lesson 1: Financial Performance and Credit Risk
Lesson 2: Financial Statement Structure
Lesson 3: Legal structures
Module 2 - Profitability Ratios
Lesson 4: Sales Growth
Lesson 5: Gross Margin
Lesson 6: Operating Expense Percentage
Module 3 - Activity Ratios
Lesson 7: Accounts Receivable Days
Lesson 8: Inventory Days
Lesson 9: Accounts Payable Days
Module 4 - Capital Spending, Gearing, and Debt Coverage
Lesson 10: Capital Expenditures
Lesson 11: Leverage
Lesson 12: Liquidity and Debt Coverage
Module 5 - Cash Flow Analysis
Lesson 13: The UCA Cash Flow Statement
Lesson 14: Other Cash Flow Measures
Module 6 - Projections and Credit Risk Assessment
Lesson 15: Background to Projections
Lesson 16: Projections Methodology
Lesson 17: Setting Meaningful Forecast Assumptions
Module 7 - Loan Structure
Lesson 18: Loan Type and Repayment Schedule
Lesson 19: Collateral Types and Values


Member: $475/license
Non-member: $790/license
*Bulk pricing discounts available.