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Keep up with the latest news of ELFA's advocacy efforts before federal and state policymakers, regulators and standard setting bodies.

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The Washington and State Legislative Reports are for ELFA members only. If you have an ELFA member profile but do not receive the monthly Washington Report or State Legislature Report, you can sign up by logging in and clicking the "Account Tools" link at the top right of the page. Next, select "Update My Communication Preferences" from the list of options and check the box for "Federal Advocacy Update" and/or "State Advocacy Update."


Washington Report:

  • September 2018 - House Ways and Means Committee Advances "Tax Reform 2.0"; Congress Reaches Deal to Fund Government Through Dec. 7, Preventing Shutdown; Are You Registered to Vote?
  • August 2018 - Treasury Department Issues Proposed Regulations on 100% Expensing; ELFA Expanding Grassroots Programming; Are You Registered to Vote?
  • July 2018 - Congressman Joe Crowley Loses Primary Race; IRS Releases Guidance on ITC; Federal Judge Rules CFPB Unconstitutional; MAC Protocol Moves Forward

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State Legislature Report:

  • August 2018 - State Legislatures Are in Session; California Legislation Would Require Interest Rate Disclosure
  • July 2018 - State Legislatures Are in Session; Supreme Court Decision Offers Support and Caution to ELFA Members; Report Addendum; Section 310: GENERAL SOURCING RULES; Streamline Sales Tax State Members
  • June 2018 - State Legislatures Are in Session; Success in the Bayou “Sale for Resale” Exemption Reinstated; California Finance Lenders License Bill Headed for August Floor Vote; California Finance Lenders License Bill Would Broaden Definition of Broker

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