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Keep up with the latest news of ELFA's advocacy efforts before federal and state policymakers, regulators and standard setting bodies.

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Washington Report:

  • February 2023 - ELFA Announces New Grassroots Network & Advocacy Website; David H. Fenig Advocacy Award - Call for Nominations
  • December 2022 - Congress Looks to Advance Omnibus Spending Bill; Federal Advocacy Team Announces 2023 LeasePAC Committee
  • November 2022 - ELFA Submits Comments to the IRS on Upcoming Energy Guidance; Year-End Tax Package Negotiations; Climate Finance Working Group

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State Legislature Report:

  • March 2023 - State Legislatures in Session; New York Finance Licensing Bill Introduced; New York Finance Disclosure UPDATE; Disclosure Legislation Spreading - ELFA on the Front Line; BLUE State Movement; State Disclosure Map
  • January 2023 - State Legislatures in Session; New York Disclosure Update; Enhanced Exemptions - Missouri and Mississippi File Disclosure Bills; State Disclosure Map; Utah Sales Tax on Sale of Leased Equipment / Leased Vehicle Titling; Washington Exemption for Hybrid Electric and Gasoline Vehicles; Missouri Vehicle Sales Tax and Financial Protection Products
  • September 2022 - State Legislatures in Session; What You Need to Know About Enhanced Financial Disclosure Requirements in 2022

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