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Washington Report:

  • March 2017 - Uniting the Industry’s Voice!; Health Care Reform Update; Tax Reform Modeling Update
  • February 2017 - Tax Reform Update; IRS Provides Safe Harbor for Solar Contracts with Federal Agencies; Another Way To Build Relationships
  • January 2017 - Tax Reform Modeling; 2017/2018 Elections Underway

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State Legislature Report:

  • March - State Legislatures are in Session; California Finance Lenders License Proposal Targets Finders; Georgia Property Tax – A Race to the Finish; ELFA Seeks Amendments to Oregon Tax Proposal; Illinois Small Business Lending Act - Pending Re-file
  • February 2017 - State Legislatures are in Session; Georgia Property Tax; Louisiana Double Sales Tax on Leased Equipment; ELFA Seeks Amendments to Oregon Tax Proposal; California Finance Lenders Legislation – Multiple Bills Filed; Texas Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax; South Dakota Tax Legislation; Minnesota Legislation Cites Finance and Leverage Leasing; California Bill Targets Electronic Signatures on Vehicle Leases; New Mexico Legislation Would Alter Uniform Division of Income
  • January 2017 - State Legislatures are in Session; ELFA Washington State B&O Tax Workgroup Forming Indiana Legislation Focused on Taxing Certain Motorized Rentals / Leases; Oklahoma; Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act Revisions Continue

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