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Board of Directors and Officers

The ELFA Board of Directors develops and sets policy for the Association, provides for Association resources, adopts the strategic plan and budget, and monitors overall Association operations.  The Board appoints an Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Investment Committee and Audit Committee, described in more detail below.  (A Personnel Committee comprised of the current Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair is also established.)  Each year, the Association Chair appoints the Chairs and members of these Board committees. 

ELFA Board Directors serve one three-year term on a staggered basis and are elected by the membership at large except in the event of a vacancy, in which case they are elected by the Board for the remainder of the term. Directors may only serve one full term consecutively.  Four Directors are nominated to represent each of the four Regular member Business Councils.  Three Directors may be Service Providers.  The remaining at-large Directors are nominated from the broader membership. 

The Chair, Chair-elect, Immediate Past-Chair, Treasurer and three Vice-Chairs serve as officers of the Association and, in a 2012 revision to the association’s bylaws, are voting members of the Board and Executive Committee.  The Chair serves as the presiding officer of the Association, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.   The Chair-elect and other officers are elected by the general membership.

ELFA Board

Board Committees

  • Audit Committee 〉
  • Chairman’s Advisory Council 〉
  • Executive Committee 〉
  • Fair Business Practices Committee 〉
  • Investment Committee 〉
  • Nominating Committee 〉
  • Personnel Committee 〉