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The Michael J. Fleming Distinguished Service Award



ELFA's ability to achieve its goals is largely dependent upon the work of a large number of volunteers from within the membership. Volunteers perform a number of functions:

  • Act as information experts and consultants on a full range of industry issues
  • Represent the industry in a variety of regulatory and legislative matters
  • Analyze market trends and assist in research
  • Serve as content experts for conference planning, promotion and delivery of key information and knowledge
  • Assist in the positive positioning of asset finance to providers of debt and equity and other stakeholders

Without the help of volunteers, ELFA simply could not perform its many functions, or provide the current range and quality of products and services to our membership and the industry

With the introduction of The Distinguished Service Award in 2004, ELFA has established a formal process for identifying and rewarding key volunteers, who because of their outstanding contributions deserve special recognition. The award also serves to encourage others to contribute to the development and growth of the industry.

In 2014 The Distinguished Service Award was renamed The Michael J. Fleming Distinguished Service Award to honor ELFA's 1979-2006 past president.

Key Elements of Awards Program


To be considered for The Michael J. Fleming Distinguished Service Award, a candidate must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Candidates must be active participants in the work of the association for at least three years, and must be currently employed by an ELFA member company
  • Candidates must have actively served or are currently serving on an ELFA Committee, Business Council Steering Committee, or other appropriate decision-making body.
  • The following are NOT eligible for this award:
    1. Current members of the ELFA Board of Directors and Officers
    2. Current members of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation's Board of Trustees
    3. Past Chairs of the ELFA Board of Directors and the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation's Board of Trustees

Nomination Process

Part I:

1. Complete an easy-to-use Online Nomination Form at the ELFA Website:

  • Provide the Nominee's contact information (Name, Title, Company, Address, Phone and Email)
  • This individual is being nominated by: (Name, Title, Company, Address, Phone and Email)
  • Please provide as much information as possible that helps evaluate the nominee's contribution to the ELFA:
    • Provide a brief narrative illustrating why the nominee should be considered for ELFA's Michael J. Fleming Distinguished Service Award (e.g. describe the role the individual played in relation to addressing or resolving industry issues)
    • Provide a description of service to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
    • Access Online Nomination Form
    • Download a Sample Nomination Form

Part II:

Below is a list of the major program areas of the ELFA, which may correspond to the accomplishments and contributions of a particular candidate. Please note: To be considered for the award, nominees are not required to have participated in, or made contributions to all program areas:

  1. ELFA Committee Participation
    Identify the names of the ELFA Committee(s), including Business Council Steering Committee(s), on which this individual served.
  2. Involvement in ELFA Governance
    Identify whether this individual served as an officer or director on the ELFA Board of Directors.
  3. Involvement in Legislative and/or Regulatory Activities
    Identify whether this individual has supported ELFA's efforts in promoting the benefits of the equipment leasing and finance industry to state, local or federal officials and other rule-making and standards-setting bodies through activities such as Capitol Connections, meetings with regulators, etc.
  4. Participation in ELFA Conferences or Workshops
    Identify the conference(s) or workshop(s) in which this individual made a contribution. Describe the kind of contribution made (e.g., served on planning committee, organized sessions, invited speakers, served as speaker during the conference, assisted in promotion, etc.)
  5. Contributions to the Body of Knowledge about Leasing
    Identify ELFA research activities in which this individual played a part. Identify papers or articles written on behalf of ELFA. Describe the kind of contributions made.
  6. Contributing to a Common Understanding of What is Necessary to Access Funding
    Identify this individual's activities related to reaching out to the many individuals and organizations made up of funding sources, rating agencies, analysts and others for whom a positive understanding of the equipment leasing and finance business contributes to greater access to capital and favorable ratings.

Please note: 
*ELFA members may nominate themselves or be nominated by others.
*ELFA staff members may be contacted to help gather the necessary quantitative information on any candidate being nominated.

Submission Deadlines

The Online Nomination Form must be completed by June 26.

Review Process for the Michael J. Fleming Distinguished Service Award

ELFA Staff will initially review all submissions to determine eligibility and to ensure that the Online Nomination Forms are complete. Secondly, the ELFA Senior Staff will convene to review the Online Nomination Forms and choose the final candidate which must then be approved by the Executive Committee. ELFA reserves the right to identify nominees for the Distinguished Service Award.

Announcement of Award Recipient

The award recipient will be recognized during the ELFA Annual Convention in October. The winner will be profiled in a suitable manner that showcases the individual's accomplishments and contributions. The ELFA president and ELFA Chairman will present the award to the recipient. Additional communication vehicles, such as Equipment Leasing & Finance magazine, ELFA QuickBrief e-newsletter and the ELFA website will be used as well.

For More Information

Please contact Ed Rosen by email at erosen@elfaonline.org if you would like more information on this award.

The Michael J. Fleming Distinguished Service Award Winners

  • 2023: Dominic Liberatore
  • 2022: Brittany S. Ogden, Quarles & Brady LLP
  • 2021: Tom Ware, Tom Ware Advisory Services, LLC
  • 2020: Jeffry D. Elliott, Huntington Equipment Finance
  • 2019:  Lori Frasier, Founding Chair, ELFA Women's Council
  • 2018: Deborah Reuben, CLFP, Reuben Creative
  • 2017: Joseph P. Sebik, Siemens Financial Services, Inc. 
  • 2016: Ray James, Ivory Consulting Corporation
  • 2015: Lesley Sterling, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
  • 2014: John Bober, GE Commercial Finance
  • 2013: Kevin Prykull, PNC Equipment Finance
  • 2012: Andrew G. Mesches, The Alta Group
  • 2011: Jerry Jordan, U.S. Bancorp Equipment Finance
  • 2010: Carl Chrappa, Independent Equipment Company
  • 2009: Cameron Krueger, Deloitte
  • 2008: Edward Gross, Vedder Price P.C.
  • 2006: Rod Hurd, Bridgeway Capital Advisors and Marc Hamroff, Moritt, Hock, Hamroff & Horowitz, LLP
  • 2005: Mindy Berman, Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. and Valerie Pfeiffer, The Tax Coefficient, LLC
  • 2004: David Wiener, The Alta Group and Bill Bosco, Leasing 101