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ELFA Membership Types

  • Regular Membership
    Regular membership is open to any company, or division or subsidiary thereof, located in the United States, or in the case of a foreign domiciled company operating in the United States, engaged in the financing of equipment to other commercial users or in the funding or arranging of such financing.
  • Associate Membership
    An individual or company operating in the United States which is not eligible for regular membership, but which has an interest in, or a relationship to, the equipment finance industry.
  • Arranger Membership
    Arranger Membership is open to any companies acting as brokers, syndicators, investment bankers, lessee advisors, lessor advisors, and/or portfolio managers for the purpose of purely generating fee income.
  • International Associate Membership
    Any company or individual not located or operating in the United States but which otherwise satisfies the requirements for regular or associate membership.
  • Transitional Membership
    An individual may be eligible for transitional membership if he or she has previously been an employee of a Regular Member of the Association. An individual shall not be eligible for transitional membership if he or she presently is an employee of a Regular Member of the Association or a company eligible for such membership. Application for transitional membership may be submitted by an individual who was employed by a Regular Member within the last twelve months. The transitional membership of an individual may continue for no longer than eighteen months after an individual became such a member. A transitional member shall not be entitled to vote or be elected as an officer or director of the association. Other specific requirements for, and the financial obligations of, transitional members shall be specified from time to time by the Board of Directors.