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Questions & Answers on ELFA Programming & Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

To All ELFA Members:

ELFA is closely monitoring and evaluating the situation around the COVID-19 coronavirus. Given the growing health concerns related to the virus, the association has made a number of changes to our event schedule, as outlined below. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, but as always, the safety of our participants, community and staff are our priority and we believe these changes are in the best interest of everyone involved.

Although the upcoming event schedule has changed, what hasn’t changed is ELFA’s commitment to our membership. While we have instituted some operational changes—all staff is working remotely in order to practice social distancing—the entire team remains focused on serving our members and delivering on our mission. Please know that ELFA is here for you during this challenging time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Please see the questions and answers below regarding key programs. We will provide regular updates to this page as situations change and as new information becomes available.


Ralph Petta
ELFA President and CEO

  • 1. What new events has ELFA announced?

  • 2. Which ELFA events have been cancelled?

  • 3. How are refunds being handled?

  • 4. Do I need to cancel my hotel reservations for any cancelled or postponed events?

  • 5. What is the status of upcoming events that have not been postponed or cancelled?

  • 6. Does ELFA offer any tools that will facilitate online communication with my peers during this time of social distancing?

  • 7. Does ELFA offer any online training?

  • 8. Where can I find information from state and key local health departments’ response to COVID-19?

  • 9. Where can I find information regarding the federal government's response to COVID-19 and ELFA action on this issue?

  • 10. Where can I find resources on the COVID-19 impact on financial reporting?

  • 10. Where can I find data on the impact of COVID-19 on equipment finance?

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