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Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing and Finance

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Fundamentals of Equipment Finance The Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing and Finance is a self-paced, online course designed to get you started in the equipment leasing and finance industry.

  • Discover why equipment financing is good business;
  • follow the lifecycle of a transaction, from origination to termination;
  • learn about the tax laws, legal issues, and accounting practices and regulations that govern the industry; and
  • examine the various ways to structure a transaction and maximize customer satisfaction.


The Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing and Finance is designed for those new to the equipment leasing and finance industry.

Those with more experience may use it as a reference or refresher tool.

Course Length

Approximately 5 hours. This course has a bookmarking feature, which tracks progress and allows the user to exit the course and return to where they last visited.

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Course Details

  • Module 1: Equipment Leasing and Finance is Good Business
    Find out why equipment leasing and finance is advantageous for your customers and profitable for you. Begin to build an understanding of important concepts and terms, and get the answers to basic questions about the markets the industry serves and much more!
  • Module 2: The Transaction Lifecycle
    Learn about the parts that make up the lifecycle of a financial transaction, starting with the three main lifecycle phases: Origination, Administration, and Termination.
  • Module 3: Equipment Leasing and Finance by the Books
    This module is an introduction to the basics of legal issues, tax rules and regulations, and standard accounting practices of the equipment leasing and finance industry.
  • Module 4: Delivering Winning Solutions
    Learn about the financing options available to meet your customer's needs, while delivering an acceptable profit to your equipment finance company.

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Individual Pricing

  • ELFA Members: $350
  • Non-Members: $700

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What People Are Saying

  • "As an organization, we have always thought highly of ELFA's events and training opportunities. By requiring a thorough and convenient course to ensure everyone receives baseline leasing training, we are starting our new hires off with the right tools. We're happy to continue to partner with ELFA."
    Leslie N. Belikoff, SPHR
    Manager, Training and Development
    Canon Financial Services
  • "The class was EXCELLENT! Having the ability to stop and pick-up work at later times was a real advantage, as I worked on the class at a slower pace to fully digest the material. The instruction was clear, concise and very useful. I would certainly recommend it to others. The design and flow of the program made the class a very enjoyable experience."
    Mark Lankford
    Product Manager
    Summit Funding Group, Inc.
  • "On a general note, the course is fantastic! I've read a lot of leasing material, but this course is one of the best I've seen in terms of laying out the information in an understandable manner. It really helped clarify some things I still had questions about."
    Linda R. Prior
    Head of Business Support
    Deutsche Leasing USA
  • "I thought the course was absolutely terrific! I learned a tremendous amount of information in a short time, and would definitely recommend it!"
    Jacqueline Zimmerman
    LFC Capital, Inc.
  • "The technical and financial know-how contained in the course is a cornerstone of success in this industry. It's comprehensive, consistent, and just makes good economic sense."
    Jeffrey VanCleve,
    FirstMerit Equipment Finance
  • "The graphics and the interactivity are excellent! The homework gives them questions to ask of the experienced people."
    Amy Bauch,
    Vice President of Training and Cross-Sell
    Wells Fargo Equipment Finance

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