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Risk Management Resources (Paynet)

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Industry Benchmark Data

Increasingly, more loans and leases are sold in private transactions between ELFA members. Often the deals are time-sensitive, with a rush to assess credit risk and value the assets. Risk measures like vintage loss curves are hard to assess in a short timeframe. Credit scores reflect historical "bad" rates instead of the future risk of the deal you are about to buy or sell. As a result, the costs of trade are high, and the cost of misjudging risk can be high as well.

To address these issues, PayNet is pleased to provide historical default rates and quarterly forecasted default rates, derived from PayNet AbsolutePD®, on small- and medium-size businesses for the benefit of ELFA members. This will enable credit assessments and assist in valuations between members more easily by providing ready access to default data and by creating a standard measure of probability of default. Also included are definitions of probability of default as well as historical default rates and AbsolutePd forecast.

:: Download the Industry Benchmark Data as of 07/01/2016

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