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ELFA | LeaseTeam, Inc. Announces ASPIRE's 40th Go-Live

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LeaseTeam, Inc. Announces ASPIRE's 40th Go-Live

OMAHA, NE March 19, 2013 -- LeaseTeam, Inc., the premier end-to-end software solution provider to the equipment finance industry, is pleased to announce that Susquehanna Commercial Finance Inc. has gone live with ASPIRE becoming LeaseTeam’s 40th successful ASPIRE install.

Susquehanna has enjoyed consecutive year over year double digit growth through an enhanced focus on its direct origination channel. This growth created a need for a system that would support precision timing, faster turn-around and efficiency in processes to facilitate overall faster response times.

According to Jeff Nicholas, Chief Risk Officer, with Susquehanna, “ASPIRE’s ability to flexibly manage a transaction through its origination lifecycle was very important in creating the consistency and efficiencies we needed to grow our business. In fact, I would estimate by using ASPIRE we have cut down our processing time by 33%. We have also been pleased with LeaseTeam’s support / services and the fact they continue to be engaged as we evolve our use of ASPIRE.

“We are excited to have Susquehanna live on ASPIRE. Susquehanna is experiencing tremendous growth, and we are confident ASPIRE will complement their current growth and facilitate the improvement in processes they need to profitably achieve their strategic objectives. We are very happy for Susquehanna’s success, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.” Jeff Van Slyke, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy.

About Susquehanna Susquehanna Commercial Finance Inc. is a general lessor that provides leasing and financing solutions for Susquehanna Bank customers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), public agencies, vendors, brokers, franchisees and other business users.

Susquehanna provides leasing and financing solutions for a variety of capital-equipment to include but not limited to: office, medical, industrial, automotive, computer, fabricating, packaging, machine tool, telecommunications and woodworking machinery, with a market leading presence in franchise financing acquisition and development.

About LeaseTeam LeaseTeam, Inc. has been providing quality software and business solutions to companies in the equipment finance and leasing industry for more than 20 years. LeaseTeam is an industry leader providing exceptional software, support, training and strategic consulting services to more than 250 financial organizations throughout North America. For more information, call (800) 531-5086 or visit

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