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ELFA | De Lage Landen Wins 3 Top Honors from Leasing Life

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De Lage Landen Wins 3 Top Honors from Leasing Life

De Lage Landen wins Vendor Finance provider of the year, Green Finance Provider of the year and Asset Finance Innovation award from Leasing Life

De Lage Landen has been awarded the highly esteemed award of Vendor Finance Provider of the year 2012. The most prestigious prize within the Vendor Finance Industry, this award is given to the most commercially successful company in the industry, who sets the industry bar. It rewards companies that constantly aim to improve their businesses, which provide best-in-class examples of business development, and are deemed most visible and influential in the marketplace. The award has been organized and presented by Leasing Life, the top leasing industry journal in Europe.

“We are proud and honored to have won the Vendor Finance Provider of the year award”, says Ronald Slaats, CEO of De Lage Landen. “At De Lage Landen, we recognize the value of real partnerships with our vendors. Winning this award constitutes a great recognition for our people. With their dedication and in-depth financial and industry knowledge, they are the ones making the difference for our customers. Even—or especially—in these challenging economic times. True partnership is in our DNA, it’s who we are as a company—and we will certainly remain committed to it for years to come.”

De Lage Landen also won the prestigious award for Green Finance Provider of the Year for the third time in three consecutive years. The company was once more awarded for making the biggest inroads into green technology finance, while also reducing the impact of its day-to-day operations on the environment.

Sustainability embedded in the business

The Green Finance Provider award recognizes ongoing efforts by the company to further embed sustainability into its core business practices. De Lage Landen considers sustainability essential to the long-term success of its organization. It strongly believes that by conducting business in a responsible and sustainable fashion, it will not only solidify its own financial position, but also add value to the environment and society at large.

By focusing beyond the short-term, the company is able to better translate societal concerns, such as resource scarcity, climate change and global food security, to drivers for innovation and commercial growth.

“In our markets around the globe we are witnessing a profound shift towards sustainable products and solutions,” Mr. Slaats explains. “We continue to expand our portfolio of green assets, especially in clean technology and sustainable mobility and strive to be a preferred business partner by facilitating this market trend for our customers.”

The award jury specifically highlighted De Lage Landen’s new and innovative approach on Life Cycle Asset Management, for which De Lage Landen also won the third award of the night: the Asset Finance Innovation Award 2012.

This award honors companies that have implemented new concepts, processes, company structures, or products that are truly innovative for the industry and have proven successful within their individual business models.

Life Cycle Asset Management

Life Cycle Asset Management is De Lage Landen’s solution for manufacturers on how to anticipate their customers’ ever changing demands in this fast moving economy, and has been developed and introduced by the company in the past year.

With this approach, De Lage Landen is actively supporting its partners in managing assets in a sustainable way, addressing future trends and developments, and contributing to a more sustainable product cycle. By understanding the assets, the industries they are used in, and the product-in-use and its parts, the company helps vendors make better choices in manufacturing, remanufacturing and refurbishing its products for core markets.

“With the general trend we see in the industry of moving from a linear to a circular economy and sustainability as one of our key drivers for business innovation, the re-manufacturing and re-use of products are becoming more and more important topics for us,” says Joel Posters, Vice President Sustainability of De Lage Landen. “We need to rethink the way we and our vendors do business and explore new opportunities to be successful in the new economy. Therefore, we have introduced Life Cycle Asset Management (LCAM). LCAM allows us to support our vendors by making the right choices in manufacturing, remanufacturing and re-use of its products for its various markets. In short: be a real Vendor Finance Partner in every sense of the word.”

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About De Lage Landen

De Lage Landen, a fully owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group, specializes in asset-based financing programs for equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors all over the world. Our programs cover our customers’ total distribution chain, as well as the entire lease lifecycle. We offer customers a single source for leasing, administration, risk and asset management solutions. De Lage Landen’s diversified solutions include car leasing in the European market and consumer finance and factoring in the Dutch home market.

Establishing a close and long-lasting relationship with our customers is at the heart of our company culture. This requires a genuine interest in and a thorough understanding of our customers’ business needs and goals. We partner with our customers to tailor solutions and develop programs that support mutual growth and profitability.


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