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Guidelines for Moderators & Presenters

This guide provides great tips in an effort to help you plan, prepare and deliver a professional presentation.

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Speaker & Committee Registration Policy

  1. The registration fee is not waived for ELFA Committee members. However, Committee members pay ½ the conference registration fee, not the full fee. Please note: committee members pay ½ the conference registration fee even if they attend for only part of the conference.
  2. The *conference registration fee will be waived for a speaker if:
    1. Individual attends the conference/seminar only on the day on which he/she is speaking, and does not plan to attend any sessions/events on any other day of the conference/seminar.
    2. Speaker is from outside the leasing industry (consultant, professor, etc.) and would not ordinarily attend the conference.
  3. A *conference speaker will pay ½ the ELFA member registration fee if he/she attends for more than the day his/her presentation is made
  4. A *conference speaker or committee member is required to pay any additional registration fees, such as golf or tennis fees, where applicable.
  5. A *conference speaker may attend all meal functions, social events and presentations on the day of his/her presentation only.

* The Speaker & Committee Registration Policy does not pertain to the following ELFA events: ELFA Annual Convention, ELFA National Funding Conference and the Best Practices Roundtable.

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Sample, Speaker Bio

Don't be a stranger to the conference attendees. Let them know the experience and knowledge you bring to your subject matter. Download sample speaker bio for format guidelines.

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ELFA PowerPoint Presentation Template

In our efforts to create a more uniformed style of conference presentations, ELFA has created a PowerPoint presentation template for our speaker’s use. If you are planning on using a PowerPoint presentation, it is mandatory that you use ELFA's PowerPoint presentation template.

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Sample, PowerPoint Presentations I & II

Please refer to sample PowerPoint presentations I & II for examples of utilizing effective presentations tips.

Please contact Lesley Sterling with any questions or concerns regarding your speaker needs at or (202) 238-3414.

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ELFA Industry Research

  1. Guide to Research and Information Sources
    The purpose of the guide is to serve as a resource for speakers and presenters at ELFA conferences, and others, who may wish to include or refer to this information as they develop their presentation materials and remarks. In doing so, we ask that the speakers and presenter make reference to the source publication.
  2. ELFA Information Central
    ELFA Information Central is a help desk for industry information, staffed by the ELFA's research and industry services team, who are equipped and prepared to answer your questions about the equipment finance industry.

    How can I contact ELFA Information Central?
    Submit your industry question by calling (202) 238-3413 or e-mailing

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